Google News Initiative

Ad Revenue Lab

10up, in partnership with the Google News Initiative, focused on establishing a foundational blueprint for local news publishers to comprehensively optimize their web-based advertising revenue.

Tactical Analysis

Our strategists worked closely with our participating publishers to analyze site optimization and identify foundational tactics to increase their site’s ability to drive more traffic and generate revenue.

How Audience Impacts Revenue

While our primary focus was on identifying the right blueprint for hyperlocal revenue performance, we identified opportunities where increasing the audience also amplified revenue potential.

Direct + Programmatic

We worked with our publishers to ensure that they were able to fully monetize their content through a symbiotic relationship between direct and programmatic advertising.

Diversify Revenue

Reliance on a single revenue stream makes any business vulnerable to economic shifts, technological innovations, or market disruptions. Through this lab we’ve identified a number of options to help establish a healthier revenue mix.