Extend Your Social Reach

Empowering and encouraging your readers to share your content with others via social channels allows for wider distribution and increased engagement.

Facebook News Emerges as an Impactful New Medium

One key way to ensure your content is primed for social media success is via the Facebook News tab of the Facebook mobile app. Facebook News rolled out to the Facebook mobile app on October 25, 2019. While we can’t yet track traffic specifically from the Facebook News Tab, we’ve measured overall traffic from Facebook on mobile devices since launch. In the first three months, we observed significant increases seen in mobile traffic from Facebook compared to the previous period:

  • LB Post saw a 61% increase in Users, 47% increase in Sessions, and a 67% increase in New Users 
  • VT Digger saw an 11% increase in Users, 11% increase in Sessions, and a 9% increase in New Users 
  • BK Reader saw two spikes – an 85% increase in Users, a 65% increase in Users, and a 101% increase in New Users 
  • San Angelo LIVE! Saw a 95% increase in Users, a 45% increase in Sessions, and a 111% increase in New Users 
  • Oil City News saw a  61% increase in Users, 11% increase in Sessions, 71% increase in New Users

To get started with Facebook News, simply register your page with Facebook News, and ensure that you are regularly posting news content to your feed.

Let Website Users Do the Sharing For You

In addition to leveraging the Facebook News section, giving your users an easy way to share your content is key to getting it circulating organically in social news feeds. Adding social and email sharing functionality to your stories is a simple and effective way to increase your social presence.

As part of the accelerator, we recommended that Oil City News install social sharing icons on their stories. Shortly after implementation, they reaped the rewards of their users’ new ability to share content. A single article in early March generated nearly 500 shares from the new icons, which resulted in over 148k sessions from social media over a four-day period. That story generated 3.5x the number of sessions of the next best performing story from social over the past year.

In the first three months of users having the ability to share content directly from articles, stories have been shared over 4,000 times. During that time, Oil City News has seen a 70% increase in sessions from social media.

Case Study | Oil City News


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